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Welcome to Accès Stage, an expert in placing foreign trainees in Canada.

Are you a student looking for a rewarding internship abroad to enrich your CV ? You want to live a memorable experience at all levels? Have you sent hundreds of applications without any response and you don’t know now what to do?

Even with a good strategy, getting an internship in a remote place is not always easy : scarcity of ads, language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucracy, etc …: the list of challenges is long and you feel like you’re wasting your time ?

As a matter of fact, getting an internship by oneself is similar to a real assault course, because it requires long hours of work and organization between revision and translation of CV (4 h), the companies targeting (30 h), the telephone follow-up (25 h). You should add to this the fact that finding an internship abroad involves certain risks such as getting a placement that does not suit your needs or the lack of seriousness and supervision of certain companies. Besides the difficulties of finding an internship abroad, finding housing in a new country can also be complex and expensive, without counting the bad surprises!

Do you want to simplify your internship search process and your integration in the host country? There is a simple and effective solution to find an internship abroad in a few clicks : request the help of Accès Stage team !  No need to spend hours sending hundreds of applications : Accès Stage  offers many internship abroad, accompany you throughout your mission and your searh for accommodations there!

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